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Kitchen Deep Cleans

Regular compliance cleaning to inspection standards

TR19® Grease Standards

There is now an essential need to be compliant with TR19® Grease Standards. Ventilation supply and extract ductwork must be designated at one of three levels, according to the area of the building that it serves. Each system must be classified as high, medium or low, in order to reflect the purpose and function of that area of the property. This means that there can be different classifications for individual zones within the same building or complex.

TR19® Grease Standards is an ideal guide to ensure that ventilation systems are properly maintained. It is especially important for kitchen ventilation due to the elevated levels of grease deposits in extract systems, which can lead to increased fire risks. Certified adherence to the standards dictated by TR19® Grease Standards will provide proof that the ventilation system in a building is safe and well maintained, which is vital for securing insurance policies and preventing prosecutions.

Total Extract Management provides complete duct cleaning services to clients across the UK in line with TR19® Grease Standards regulations. Our clients include Hospitals, leading hotel groups, restaurants, schools, pubs and universities/colleges.

Intervals between regular specialist cleans depend on usage. These are minimum recommended intervals according to the BESA TR19® Grease Standards best practice guidance

Frequency of Cleaning TR19® Grease Standards Section 7.35

Heavy Usage | 12-16 Hours per day | 3 Monthly

Medium Usage | 6-12 Hours per day | 6 Monthly

Light Usage | 2-6 Hours per day | 12 Monthly