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Kitchen Deep Cleans

Regular compliance cleaning to inspection standards

Ductwork Cleaning

The need for duct cleaning depends on the level of usage and types of food being prepared. This determines the likelihood of the system igniting and the potential effect on building occupants.

It is therefore imperative that a minimum annual Pre Planned Maintenance program, cleaning and service regime be in place. There is a legal requirement for building managers to ensure conformity with legislation. Under normal conditions grease and other flammable materials can build up in the cooker hood and your extraction duct system. This is the most common cause of fire in commercial kitchens.

Total Extract Management provides a routine inspection and regular maintenance programme that will ensure you comply with insurance conditions, avoid costly business interruptions, create improved hygiene and eliminate the risk of prosecution arising from poor maintenance and non-compliance with fire safety regulations.

As a member of BESA we are regularly audited, ensuring our systems are in line with all recommended standards. On completion of the work we provide a detailed post clean report together with a certificate confirming the work has been undertaken. This will be accompanied by a detailed photographic portfolio.

We always undertake the cleaning at times convenient to you and your business. All we ask is that hot water is readily available on site!!